Summer 2018

  • Develop scanner to efficiently sample Cassandra tiers and record features on column families
  • Record feature counts to identify and label user data on a data discovery platform
  • Support feature aggregation to enable a 10x increase in reach across data warehouse


Summer 2017

  • Test and help release version 4.2 of CDAP, a data application platform for building big data applications on top of a local, distributed, or cloud sandbox environment
  • Add the ability to schedule data pipelines based on the status of other pipelines on CDAP
  • Implement transactional recording of all program states on the platform using Apache Twill

This felt the most like a software engineering internship thus far. I was writing design documents and had full responsibility over my project and it was my responsibility to drive it to completion. Check out an in-depth explanation of my project and how I tackled it here.


Summer 2016

  • Support multiple financial record keeper integrations for a single user
  • Encrypt and safely store confidential user information
  • Represent user’s entitlements and role on website using bitwise logic
  • Work with SQS, S3, and Lambda services to process, enroll, and encrypt users onto the platform.

Check out my thoughts on NextCapital here.

Cognitive Computation Group

Fall 2015 - Spring 2017

  • Refactor the research demos on the website to improve performance and reliability
  • Led a massive user interface design over the entire website
  • Improve the content management system for website administrators
  • Visualize research demos using d3.js

I worked under Professor Dan Roth as an independent researcher, specializing on web development. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from various PhD students doing work in natural language processing.


Summer 2015

  • Overhaul the website dashboard to display key test and control data for clients
  • Improve page responsiveness and load speed for all mobile devices and browsers by 25%
  • Create a content management system to update static content on the website without redeploying the application.

This was my very first internship. I learned React for the first time during my internship and applied it to create a new website dashboard. Check out what I learned here